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transform Your waste into wealth

We help companies avoid sending waste to landfills and expensive disposal practices. How do we do this? Our technology uses smart data and custom systems to prepare waste at the source. We assign the appropriate value of the waste streams, arrange transport and deliver to the right buyers across our marketplace. We guarantee that our clients earn revenue from their waste streams or acquire sustainable valuable resources.

How it works

Smart Technology

We Use Data To transform sustainability

Services & Solutions


Sustainability platform

Smart Cloud

We provide our platform to solve sustainability problems by effectively utilizing quantitative and qualitative intelligent data. We assess contamination, define waste assets, execute innovative strategies and deliver sustainability technology. 

Planning System

Sustainability planning is a critical first step to define the waste streams, identify problems, enhance value and assign solutions. Our technology assess the value of your sustainability program. 

Business Intelligence

We integrate sensor and tracking technology to acquire accurate data to cut cost, eliminate contamination and generate revenue from waste. We use our smart technology to oversee the entire sustainability program and its impact on the company.  

Resource Marketplace

Our Marketplace is an online global trading and market for waste assets and sustainable resources.  Our platform is integrated with our data intelligence to ensure we have real-time information to support dynamic pricing, value and request for valuable resources and feedstock. 

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Conversion Infrastructure

Project Development

We develop waste conversion infrastructure, globally, through our Joint Ventures and Partnerships with top companies. We focus on commercially viable technologies that maximize waste preparation, recycling and conversion. 

Waste Conversion HUB

Our central HUB is the core of our waste to resource system, which combines a network of sellers, buyers and producers utilizing waste as a resource. Our HUB incorporates smart software, marketplace and sustainable resources.


We offer a PTSM solution that is essentially a landfill alternative and logistics manager.  Our solution consists of waste preparation, transport, storage and management facilities strategically located across targeted designated zones.

Conversion As A Service

We provide custom and modular conversion solutions to all industries creating or facilitating waste generation. We assess and apply effective conversion technology to reduce cost, increase revenue, enhance sustainability and eliminate negative environmental impacts for companies.

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Industries we serve

Waste as an asset

Sustainability Ecosystem

we centralize the sustainability economy

Our goal is to streamline and centralize the global sustainability industry with our smart platform, ecosystem and infrastructure. We deliver economic value by integrating proven and viable waste technology providers, vendors, sellers, buyers, researchers and all involved with producing value from waste assets on a sustainable platform. Hyper Metro intelligent cloud platform and vendor network work together to produce revenue from waste assets, at scale. As a result, Hyper Metro lowers the cost of implementing sustainability programs, disposing waste, converting waste and supply sustainable resources/feedstock within a closed loop ecosystem. We deliver a cleaner society to everyone, everywhere by incentivizing and empowering the sustainability economy.

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Producing revenue from waste is smart

 Waste to wealth

Solving waste problems and producing revenue from waste is just smart business. We deliver the ecosystem and you provide the waste.

Technology made to create sustainable results

Drive sustainability

Technology that focus on data to create sustainable processes and resources.

one central place for everything waste

Centralizing waste

A one stop shop for all things waste. No need to waste time looking around.


Clean Technology

We deliver sustainable solutions and results to eliminate the negative impact of waste on the environment.





Clean Resource

We produce clean resources that contribute to a more resilient and safer climate for a better quality of life for all.